Thematic programs

Jazz Impact

Since its appearance in the US, the basic jazz had a great impact on the composers of Classical Music, so that many of them composed, especially in the first half of the twentieth century, works influenced by Jazz. The clarinet was the king of jazz instruments in the hands of Benny Goodman. In this program written and / or released works by this great musician by famous composers are presented, along with other works with strong jazz influence, some of them commissioned by Joan Enric.

Morton GOULD, Benny’s Gig
F. POULENC, Sonata
J. HOROVITZ, Sonatina
G. GERSHWIN / C. DAVIS, Porgy & Bess Fantasy
Recital for clarinet and double bass.


Carlos Garvayo (piano)

After the Spanish Civil War, many artists and intellectuals were forced to live in exile for political reasons. The “Generation of 27” in Music had managed to modernize musical life in Spain and place it in the most avant-garde context in Europe. The relationship between musicians, writers, painters, among which Lorca, Dalí, Buñuel and the composers that we present, resulted in a brilliant period of creation and thought that was cut short by the war. In Music the great inspirer, musical father of many of these composers, Manuel de Falla, also left the country. Each composer individually developed his talent in different countries, England, Argentina, Mexico. The vast majority of scores they composed have been virtually unknown or ignored for many years. Our goal is to present these wonderful scores and try to place them in a normal context in the world of Classical Music. Manuel de Falla appears in our program as a symbol of what was the inspiration of the interesting artistic-intellectual movement that was the Generation of the Republic

1st part
R. Halffter, Eclogue
M. de Falla, Spanish folk songs (JE Lluna adaptation)
J. Bautista, Spanish Fantasy

2nd part
R. Gerhard, Sonata
J. Menéndez, Estudios no. 2 (Impromptu) and no. 6 (Ballet)
J. Bal and Gay, Sonata



R. Schumann, Fantasy Pieces op 73
J. Brahms, Sonata op. 120 no. 1 in F minor

R. Schumann, 3 Romanzas op 94
J. Brahms, Sonata op. 120 no. 2 in Greater Mib


J. Brahms, Trio op. 114
J. Brahms, Quintet op 11

Reproductor de audio


Gypsy band
with string quintet

L. Spohr, Variations on a Danzi theme
A. Guinovart, Fantasy about Goyescas

A. Piazzola, Contemplation and dance
C. Davis / G. Gershwin, Fantasy about Porgy & Bess
Lluna / Elán, improvisations


1 / “Mozart”
Symphony no. 25 in G minor
Concert for clarinet and orchestra K622 in A major
Symphony no. 40 in G minor

2 / “Allegro tristamente”
G. Rossini, Introduction, theme and variations for clarinet and orchestra
I. Zebeljan, concert for clarinet and orchestra

F. Poulenc, Sinfonietta


Beatriz Traver

Joan Enric Lluna

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